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Quality control

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Our company brings in currently most advanced MES production management system, it handles production by informatization management model in the whole process from receiving purchase order to finished products. The system initialize, guide, response and report production activities use accurate data and standards which is currently operating. It makes rapid response of the production status and conditions which may change at any time, focus on reducing the activities which will not produce added value, so that to push the factory running and process control effectively. Maici fully use the management advantage of MES system, not only require every procedure of all products should meet quality requirements, but also guarantee the traceability of products effectively. The MES system makes our products can be managed with informatization, and promotes our core competitiveness.

Maici Quality Policy

Quality first, take customers' satisfaction as purpose.

To survive by innovation, to progress by improvement.

Maici Quality Goal

Products First Qualified Rate ≥ 95% 

Welding Qualified Rate ≥95% 

Excellent Rate ≥95%

Customer complaints treatment: 100%