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Company Culture

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“Maici” is a river at South America, the branch of Amazon, the company named “Maici” means that “ no small streams, no rivers”


Join in the Global Compact, we take our social responsibilities seriously !

Global compact requests every company comply, support and carry out Ten Fundamental Principles at their respective influential range, mainly on human rights, labor standards, environments and anti-corruption. The principles come from on environment and development.We join in the Global Compact, agree with its concepts, act with its principles, as same as other companies from all over the word who pay attention on social responsibilities. We will do our efforts to make global market more steady, fair and inclusive, to promote sustainable development of the whole society


vision:To be a well-known manufacturer and installer in the industry of special material pipelines.

Mission:To be committed to quality products and services,high safety and efficiency,and a greener and better environment.

Business philosophy:Safeguard the interests of customers and workers Entrepreneurship Innovaion Accountability